• Ralph brings a rare level of energy and focus to his portfolio companies and works extremely hard to add value.   Ralph has helped us to close multiple new clients via his contacts and win in several extremely competitive situations.  Additionally, as Ensighten has grown, Ralph has always gone above and beyond to support the company in all aspects including additional fund raising and recruiting talent to Ensighten.

    Josh Manion, Founder & CEO, Ensighten.com

  • Ralph was one of Axial's earliest investors. He's introduced me to great early recruits and he's supported me thru every up and down. He's first class.

    Peter Lehrman, Founder & CEO, Axial.net

  • Ralph is a tireless networker and relentless advocate of his portfolio companies.  He is extremely responsive and brings a critical but fair eye to business strategy and performance.  Many investors talk the talk of bringing added value, but Ralph more than walks the walk.

    John McIntyre, Founder & CEO, Sightly.com

  • Lots of people can provide capital, lots of people can provide advice, but Ralph does so much more for every company he has invested in. As an advisor to several companies Ralph has invested in, I can tell you every one of them have only the best things to say about Ralph.

    Bryan Eisenberg – OneSpot, Sightly

  • Good customer introductions, and good talent introductions,
    what more can you want from one of your angels. Stays involved but doesn't meddle.
    Thanks for everything Ralph.

Brett New
Brett Hurt
Founder of Coremetrics
and Bazaarvoice

I first met Ralph Mack in 1999 when I was a MBA student at Wharton.  I presented the beginning of Coremetrics and how I was able to collect real-time analytics from my eCommerce site, BodyMatrix.  The lightbulb went off for Ralph when he realized that Coremetrics could be a large company as eCommerce took off globally.  He realized that we were providing a necessary part of the infrastructure for the near future of digital commerce.  Ralph bet on me and worked very hard over the years to ensure that Coremetrics was as successful as it could be given the timing – the dot-com bubble bursting was just around the corner.  But Ralph never failed to support me and the Coremetrics team, earning the reputation of our hardest working angel investor.  It paid off in the end with our significant acquisition to IBM, after much trial and tribulation.

Ralph was the first investor call I made when starting Bazaarvoice with Brant Barton in 2005.  And he wrote me a check that week.  He had continued to build his SaaS marketing solution portfolio and his network of retailers and brands that sell through those retailers had grown.  He was even more helpful at Bazaarvoice, and our company grew from $0 to over $100 million in sales in just six years, culminating in our IPO followed by two acquisitions in 2012.

Ralph works tirelessly for his portfolio companies.  He is the consummate sales person as he really believes in the solutions his companies sell.  I have won a lot of business as a result of Ralph’s connections.  But, more importantly, Ralph has been a strategic guide at key inflection points at the company.

Now as an angel investor myself (http://lucky7.io/portfolio), I’m learning from Ralph’s 15 years of experience doing the same.  I feel very fortunate to have Ralph as a friend and mentor, and I would highly recommend him to any startup, especially a SaaS startup focused on marketing/eCommerce.

Dan Herman
Founder of ChatID

Ralph’s stellar reputation is well-deserved. ChatID would not exist today without him. As an angel investor, Ralph introduced us to early customers, advisors and helped us recruit several key hires – including our President and COO. We are fortunate that Ralph is now serving on our Board of Directors, where his guidance and instincts are contributing to record growth. Every step of the way Ralph Mack has been trustworthy, supportive and always eager to lend a hand. He has become a good friend and personal mentor of mine. Any entrepreneur in the brand or retail world would be lucky to have Ralph in their camp.

Steve Sachs
CEO – OneSpot

Ralph Mack is one of the best early stage investors in the US.  Don’t just take my word for it–take a look at this ranking of early stage investors who have the most companies that ultimately land on the Midas List.
Ralph is great at what he does not only because he has a deep understanding of retail and marketing technology and excellent instincts, but also because he works his tail off for his companies.  His contacts are outstanding, he nurtures his relationships to create value for his companies, and he’s a killer salesperson.  And, most importantly, he’s always there to help, whether for advice, to brainstorm, make an introduction, or help close a key hire.
Working with Ralph creates tremendous value for OneSpot.  My only word of caution: just don’t try to beat him at table tennis.

Suki Shah

I don’t refer to Ralph as an Angel investor or even a Super Angel because his contributions to his portfolio companies are far more than what is expected of an investor.  From fundraising, to making key introductions to large sales opportunities, to introductions to potential hires, and as a general sounding board on just about everything an early stage company can go through, Ralph does it all.  Ralph Mack has been an indispensable resource for us since we started GetHired and we can’t recommend him enough.

Chris Richter

Ralph is the entrepreneur’s investor.  I have had the pleasure to work with Ralph across multiple companies including the company that I founded, Socialware.  Ralph has an incredible, broad perspective on the eCommerce space in particular and the type of tuned instincts about what’s next, and what’s going to be big that only come through hard earned years of investing in the space.  He is also the hardest working investor in the business…Ralph Mack is the first to jump into the trenches with the entrepreneur and to walk the aisles of industry trade shows evangelizing the vision.  He is truly a sales guy at heart and has walked in our shoes.  I have also seen Ralph be actively involved with and responsible for identifying and recruiting key executive hires.  Ralph brings a very strong network and where he does not have a network connection…he is happy to go and make one to bring value.

Finally, he is a committed investor through thick and thin and determined to work to make “his” company’s succeed.  As the entrepreneur (or member of an exec. team at a startup) I have always found him to be accessible and a great source of feedback/wisdom.  I would highly recommend Ralph and Mack Capital to any entrepreneur…whether a first time entrepreneur or someone that has done this successfully multiple times.

Garret Eastham

Ralph has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of our business at Edgecase (formerly Compare Metrics). From the first interaction during our formative “idea” stage to our current growth and maturation phase, Ralph has brought a wealth of strategic and operational guidance throughout the lifecycle of our business. His depth of knowledge and background in ecommerce is unparalleled and has opened many opportunities for Edgecase. He is never afraid to engage in a sales pitch with his entrepreneurs or on your behalf – no matter where or when. In the world of ecommerce and emerging SaaS technology, Ralph is a secret weapon that can change the course of not just your business but the very market you’re attempting to take over.