Successful Angel Investing is really difficult so we work extremely hard with entrepreneurs to build customer traction early. We are typically the first investor in a SaaS company and many times we bring in additional investors although that is not our mission. Read more


B2B SaaS companies that sell to big retailers and brands with an emphasis on marketing technology that drives decision making through analytics and big data, improves marketing agility, or personalizes websites for each consumer in real time. Read more


Mack Capital is usually the first investor in most of its portfolio companies but definitely in the first round of financing. The typical investment in that initial round is $100k-$300k. Mack Capital participates in most follow-on rounds of financing until the enterprise reaches $150mm to $200mm.

  • Good customer introductions, and good talent introductions,
    what more can you want from one of your angels. Stays involved but doesn't meddle.
    Thanks for everything Ralph.

  • Lots of people can provide capital, lots of people can provide advice, but Ralph does so much more for every company he has invested in. As an advisor to several companies Ralph has invested in, I can tell you every one of them have only the best things to say about Ralph.

    Bryan Eisenberg – OneSpot, Sightly